5 Tips to Improve your Facebook Page

  1. Ensure your profile picture includes your brand name or brand logo.


Powerscourt Hotel utilise their brand logo and brand name to clearly identify their business in their profile picture.


The profile picture utilised by the Europe Hotel and Resort doesn’t clearly identify the brand. This may confuse Facebook users if it appeared as a suggested page.



According to postplanner.com your profile picture is way more important than your cover photo on Facebook. They remind us that you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.

This video shows you the 4 elements needed for a great Facebook business page profile picture.

2. Complete your about section.

According to https://bit.ly/2BYIZB9 an incomplete about section could result in missed traffic and likes on your page.

This is Fifth Avenue Cork, a nail salon. This is an example of a poor about section as they don’t identify their address, give enough business details or price ranges.


Here is an example of a more detailed about section as it clearly indicates the address of the place, offers directions and a valid phone number.


Below is a quick video on how to edit and complete a good quality about section, giving your full details and how your business can be contacted.

3. Use attractive images on your Facebook Page.

It is vital for a brand to add images that reflect and promote their page. The idea is to capture the viewers attention as soon as the view the site.


Here is an example of the classic biscuit brand ‘Oreo’ and their featured images. You can clearly identify with the images what the brand is all about. This will engage the user .







This example of ‘Clonakilty Chocolate’ features poor unattractive images. They lack colour in their images and modernness.


According to https://designpickle.com/improve-your-business-facebook-page/ the human eye is attracted to color and motion, so having quality attractive images is a big plus to marketers.

4 Add a Call to Action to your Facebook page.

Having a call to action in your Facebook page is a must. It will increase your list of clients, more emails coming into you daily and generally more business for your company. It’s an effective tool as it drives people to find out more about your business and get in contact.

Netflix is a service that allows customers to stream and watch award winning TV shows, movies and documentaries. They have a brilliant call to action ‘ watch anywhere, cancel anytime.’ They are immediately letting users know that there’s no risk, either now or after the free trial.


According to https://adespresso.com/blog/call-to-action-examples/  you cant just have any call to action, it must be strong enough so people will be convinced enough to take action. It’s main purpose is to tell people want to do and also give them the want to do so.

5 Make your Cover Photo clear, effective and attractive.

Having a relevant, well-designed cover photo on Facebook is vital. The cover photo is the image that appears on top of your Facebook page, so it is the image that Facebook users will see first and foremost every time they visit our page.

The main purpose of a cover photo is to capture the mission and vision of your brand. The cover photo should be designed using the same color palette and font type as the rest of your branding.

Here is a good example of the sports brand ‘Adidas.’ They have a great design to their cover photo. They use the same color and idea between their profile picture and cover photo. You can clearly identify from observing the cover photo that it is a sports brand.


This is an example of a poor quality cover photo. ‘My protein’ is a sports nutrition brand where it delivers a range of quality products across 70 countries.  A top class brand but however their cover photo needs a bit more work as it is too simple and lacks creativity. It should clearly indicate that they are a nutrition brand in their cover photo.


Below is a short video explaining how to optimize and make your cover photo and Facebook page attractive to people viewing it.

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